I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark into a Dutch family as the youngest of five children. By the time I could run around we moved to The Hague in the Netherlands where I learnt to draw and paint. From the age of thirteen I attended a boarding school in Staffordshire, England. In the course of my six years there I learned to love Shakespeare and how to look through the lens of a camera. And I transformed from a Dutch rascal into an English young man. At nineteen I moved to Amsterdam where I still live now.

I graduated at the university of Amsterdam with a master in physics and then immediately retrained to become a theatre director. Nowhere did I feel so at home as in the theatre. In a period of about twenty adventurous years I was part of a great many theatre productions, ranging from opera to stand-up comedy. This is where I learned to look.

In 2003 I was given a son, which made life so much better.

I started writing, first for the stage and later also for TV. Then in 2014 I made one more big switch: I decided to completely focus on painting.

It feels both like coming home, and like starting on a fabulous, massive journey. Everything I’ve done so far in my life seems to have been the necessary preparation for this, for what I do now.